Happy July 4th The Summer Swealter Is Here

sari brown

Posted on June 30 2021

Happy July 4th The Summer Swealter Is Here

What have we all been secretly waiting for? Sunny ,blue skies and warm temps.

It seems as though we are in a cycle of extremes, right?

As we move slowly through our weeks of summer, enjoying being outside, we begin to dream about what comes next.

Fall!   We are bursting at the seams with fabulous collections, knitwear and lots of clothing that is wearable 

Handbags , Accessories, lets not forget denim !

We will introduce you to brands you did not know were available. 

That is what we do. We Shop The World For You.

The trend that I am forecasting is going to be a little bit more elevated than last winters sweats

Think cozy, yes that is still happening. Practical. Yes! Double and triple duty with the fabulous items that you cant live without.

As we continue to move through the recovery we will continue to present the best of the best.

The website will be updated and personalized emails will go out.





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