Unexpected Pairings by Beth Bernstein


Hi and welcome to our second blog with jewelry author, journalist and stylist Beth Bernstein. She is known as the mix master when it comes to combining antique, vintage and, modern jewelry. In her prior careers as a fashion photo and wardrobe stylists, she would often apply the same concept to clothing—which is very much our aesthetic. So we played together once again!

Here is Beth’s take on what to start purchasing for your Spring 2023 wardrobe.


Unexpected Pairings

By Beth Bernstein

While everyone else is gearing up for Valentine’s Day, Sari and I worked on what we named Unexpected Pairings which was our somewhat nod to being with the person that complements you in a relationship. We ditched the heart jewelry (although both of us collect rare heart pendants) for a less conventional approach, both of us subscribing to the philosophy to always choose someone whose ‘crazy’ doesn’t collide with your ‘crazy’. Moreover to choose someone that accepts and loves you including, rather than despite, all of your idiosyncrasies and that you accept theirs and even find them charming. If you have ever been with a couple—friends or those you just met, who you first scratch your head and said ‘huh?’ –how does that relationship work? They are so different. And more often than not the differences is what makes it work. And that is what we have applied to choosing these new staples. Here’s to keeping an open mind about the unpredictability in life, love and your… spring wardrobe. And happy Valentine’s Day!


 Sorelle Secli Peacoat in White on Sari

Let’s start with this Sorelle Secli crisp cotton pea coat. We saw this familiar shape in which nostalgia meets modern tailoring and the excellence of Loro Piana fabrics in many of the Milan spring 2023 ready to wear collections. This luxe version is nothing like the heavy navy ones we used to wear to keep warm in the winter (although we kept ours until they were worn in and then worn out). Sari and I think it is a must for a spring wardrobe - to go with everything from jeans to floral shirts and tops to cropped trousers. In the shop we loved it uniquely paired with…


Maurizio Massimino Plaid Pants 

Maurizio Massimino’s plaid cropped trousers. Although we are loving the elevated preppy plaids, this artisan brand creates pants and jeans in a range of prints and shapes. We are also featuring these in florals and other patterns that you might not think would work with the pea coat but once you try on, you begin to fall for the surprising way these two pieces unite to create the foundation for effortlessly chic dressing...

You can then add in another unconventional twist to the outfit…


 Sartore Suede Moccasins in Black

…by slipping into Lux Couture’s Sartore moccasins which are a dream to walk around in as they are made of very soft suede calfskin and adorned with ethnic-inspired beads or other elements. The leather heel and sole lifts you up just enough but still is a flat that you will want to wear with every outfit. Although, we would recommend you change into a different style—such as a sandal with a cocktail dress or one of our silk print slip dresses. But for this outfit and for other more casual looks in your wardrobe, your feet will thank you or us for suggesting these. Just a little background. The company is French and multi-generational and has inspired a cult following with their boots that have been attracting new customers for decades. They and are steeped in the tradition of luxury shoe making. With this pairing you will need a T-shirt or shirt which Sari can recommend but now you have your building blocks for an outfit coupling of haute bohemian meet hip preppy.


Celine Daoust Jellyfish Earrings


And if you want a little extra dash of color to this your relationship with your wardrobe, try these Celine Daoust sapphire and diamond drop earrings that work with anything I can think of, particularly our next unexpected pairing from the shop. Celine who was trained as a goldsmith and often features beautifully unusual gemstones in her jewels sets all her pieces in handcrafted 14K gold with carefully selected ethically sourced gemstones. All diamonds are natural, conflict-free, and Kimberly certified. 


Antipast Socks in Floral

I am not sure about you, but I love socks. I am such a sock person that once I walked out of the house in Birkenstocks and beautiful Italian socks until I realized I looked like I belonged in a ‘don’t’ column in a magazine. And I took off the socks and shoved them in my bag. I particular love motif driven socks. The fact that Sari carries these in her store had me pulling them out and  revolving an outfit around them. 

But, before we get into that outfit we concocted… I believe you can wear these socks with any closed toed shoes and multiple outfits in your existing wardrobe. 

The socks are created by Antipast, a company best known for their feminine prints. We are having a romance now with the floral prints featured here. In building around them, we added…


 Maurizio Massimino Jacket


Maurizio Massimino's Giorgia blazer, which features a flocked floral design in cream and teal. It offers a slim fit and has a contrast lining in purple and is perfect for transitioning into spring. It combines the elegance of a contrasting pattern with the practicality of cotton. Throw your moccasins back on your feet, wear a pair of pants or jeans that are slight cropped to reveal the sock patterns and the mismatching of the floral designs. Which is just enough of a quirky approach to this marriage of pieces.  The jacket also is an exceptional choice when worn with a maxi skirt or with a solid slip dress in a contrasting color. 


Ama Pure Coral Scarf

…You can also mix florals in a different way with just the accessories. From the last blog, you already know how I feel about scarves. You can’t have too many in your wardrobe, and this one by Ama Pure will add some pink, peach and aubergine tones to wardrobe. The way it is pictured on the model is high styled and elegant but why not ditch the sandals and add in a cropped pant or jean and bring in a pair of the Antipast socks.

This scarf reminds me that spring will hopefully be here soon—and it’s one of those essentials you look for in a ‘pairing’—its classic, timeless, enduring and won’t let you down.

So go forward and find your unexpected pairing. In the meantime I hope we helped you find some version  that you feel drawn to and can try out quickly.

Beth Bernstein

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