Accessories - the year round must have

sari brown

Posted on July 05 2021

Accessories - the year round must have

It may be 60 degrees or maybe its 90 degrees. We often do not know exactly how to dress. It is one of the most unpredictable summers (in terms of weather ) that I can remember.


What I do is put a cashmere wrap tucked neatly  inside my bag so I am always prepared. My daily go to is a tee and a fab pair of jeans, so of course I am going to need this.

( although I must admit I have started wearing shirt dresses)

We have been selling out of all scarves cashmere!

Yes! It is the must have.

Our newest edition of soft printed scarves hail from Germany, where we discovered some of the best cashmere is produced.

These are the perfect weight and size. The prints are colorful but not overpowering

What attracted me to these was the geometrical prints. It looked interesting and fresh.

And they reorder has arrived and will be ready for you tomorrow when we open after the holiday break

We hope to see you soon-- 



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