Alexandra Golovanoff is a French TV Presenter whose longtime obsession with cashmere sweaters finally transformed into a clothing line just last year in 2016. The brand prides itself in making high quality, artisanal cashmere sweaters that can last for multiple seasons. They are made in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, which has established a specialty in stitch. The threads are 100% Scottish, from one of the finest yarn spinners.

Considered “the first cosmetic sweaters,” their colors were chosen to enhance your skin tone, hair, and eye shade, and their shapes made to flatter. There is a sweater for every complexion. They are true to their tag line, “le tricot qui rend beau,” which translates into “the sweater that makes you beautiful.” Alexandra Golovanoff is inspired by inner and external beauty, a value that translates onto both the sweater and the wearer.

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