Dianora Salviati has taken the luxury accessories market by storm with her Italian scarves, which are hand-loomed in Italy using only the finest of natural materials, such as cashmere, silk, wool, linen, cotton, hemp, and more. She was inspired by her ancestor, Jocopo Salviati, the founder of “Art of Wool,” and by the rich textile colors and prints she saw during her travels throughout India.

Created using the utmost craftsmanship, Dianora Salviati scarves evoke grace, refinement, and artistry. They are classic but contemporary, edgy but elegant. Salviati’s essence of fiery glamour exudes in her abstract prints and innovative use of materials, which includes hand-embroidery and painting. The colors are deeply-saturated and monochromatic, with original patterns. She has collaborated with notable designers such as Tomas Maier, and according to The New York Times, her scarves are considered “the ultimate hushed status symbol.”

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