Es’Givien, launched in 2004 by three sisters from Verona, has made its mark on the fashion industry for its impeccable handmade, Italian garments. Each sister – Gaia, Nives, and Vivilla – brings their own unique talents to the brand, from marketing and design to psychology and public relations. The name of the brand is a combination of all three names.

Combining the values of a family run business with a devotion to creativity and quality, Es’givien continues to impress. Each garment bears a line of hidden text dedicated to the wearer, inscribed personally by the sisters. This intimate relationship between the sisters, the garment, and the wearer highlights the brand’s remarkable level of earnestness and devotion. Every piece is made in Italy by hand, with only eco-friendly and high-quality materials. Es’givien: “A brand name, a philosophy.”

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