Cornelian Taurus Keyhole Mini in Black

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  • 10" w x 7" h x 4"d
  • Outer: 100% Cow Leather
  • Linning: 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

Mini shoulder bag that can protect the contents with a flap cover. A bag with a flap cover design looks beautiful, but it takes time and effort to open the bag, which is inconvenient in terms of usability. In order to eliminate this inconvenience, a zipper is attached to the top of the bag to make opening and closing smoother and eliminate stress.

By attaching a zipper, the metallic luster will appear, and the classic old-fashioned texture of the leather itself will be lost. Therefore, in order to achieve both a classic atmosphere and functionality, the zipper is placed inside the flap, making it difficult to see the glossiness of the zipper from the front of the bag.

Opening and closing is possible with both zipper and flap. There are pockets for small items on the sides, and piping on the back to keep the shape of the bag when it softens over time, giving it a dignified appearance.

If you remove the button inside the upper part of the gusset, you can increase the size a little and enjoy the atmosphere of a tote bag.

There is a metal fitting on the upper back to attach a shoulder strap, so it can also be used as a shoulder bag.

Mini Boston with compact shoulder strap. It can store a long wallet and has a wide gusset, so it has a larger capacity than it looks.

Cornelian Taurus by Daisuke Iwanaga

The brand name cornelian taurus is a combination of stone carnelian and taurus. The brand name is the designer's own name and the constellation of the craftsman who was involved in the establishment of the brand. The brand name is a combination of the constellations of May.