Celine Daoust Watermelon Tourmaline with Incrusted Diamond Necklace

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This stunning 14k yellow gold necklace features a gorgeous watermelon tourmaline and inlayed diamond. Each piece is unique - ranging in a gradient from vibrant pinks to warm greens.

Tourmaline, on of Celine's favorite stones, has many spiritual and healing powers as well as magnetic and protective properties. Blue tourmaline evokes tranquility and frees the mind to explore a higher level of consciousness. 

Diamonds are the strongest stone known to man, composed of pure carbon in a perfect atomic pattern. It is an emblem of purity, eternity, and invincible spiritual power.


  • Handcrafted 14-karat gold 
  • Stone is approx. 0.8 x 1 cm wide
  • 45 cm long necklace
  • Made in Jaipur

From inception to stone setting, Celine works side by side with her trysted Indian craftsmen, using their ancestral craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.

Every piece is handcrafted in 14K gold, set with carefully selected ethically sourced gemstones. All diamonds are natural, conflict-free, and Kimberly certified. 

It is this craftsmanship, perfectly imperfect, unique and passionate giving Celine Daoust jewelry signature character.