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SALONI means beautiful in Sanskrit, and true to its name, the brand empowers its customers of all ages to experience the 

unabashed joy of living life in different hues.  For Saloni, creating beautiful things is a meditative journey, inspired by her childhood in India and a nomadic life lived between Hong Kong, Seoul, London and Italy.

Three Stories Jewelry

Three Stories Jewelry, created by its three founders Camelia Chiriac, Barbara Laird, and Emily Cohen focuses on telling a story with their jewelry. They believe every piece has a story that brings their jewelry to life. Many of their collections include motifs of female empowerment to inspire women to make their dreams a reality.


Boboutic a luxury niche knitwear company based in Florence, Italy. Michel Bergamo and Christina Zamagni created the brand in 2000 after a long career in fashion and arts with a desire to take everyday experience and inject it into their knitwear. The duo creates innovative pieces in which traditional knit-and-stitch techniques are combined with a constant research for new materials and production methods.

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