Bejeweling Yourself At Lux Couture

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Posted on March 16 2023

Bejeweling Yourself At Lux Couture


Hi Again - My existing customers all know that I am a fine jewelry enthusiast and stock the shop with pieces from different independent designers from around the globe. Although I can dress you from head to toe in my shop - I personally love finding the perfect piece to go with an outfit or to go with everything you own in your wardrobe or… dressing more simply, say in a white shirt and jeans, so your clothes almost become a backdrop for your jewelry. 

Beth Bernstein, a self-described jewelry addict is back with us to talk about the jewelry in the shop, the trends and what are her personal favorite pieces. But before I hand the blog over to her, I have some exciting news. I was selected to judge a designer awards contest for the INSTORE Magazine Awards, which is such an honor as I am judging along with some of the most reputable retailers and press throughout the country. I will let you know how it all goes.

And here’s…. Beth


Bejeweling Yourself At Lux Couture

By Beth Bernstein

I recently went on a buying expedition with Sari at one of the New York trade shows and we had a blast. I introduced her to new people; she introduced me to designers I hadn’t met in person before. We tried on pieces –she helped me unhook a necklace that got stuck on my winter coat and luckily we had enough willpower to not buy everything (read: we reminded each other we had to eat in the month of March). Speaking of March, it is a great time to reassess your jewelry wardrobe as spring gets closer and we try and forget about winter. 

A few new pieces will make the existing pieces pop and add a new color, motif or silhouettes you might not have thought were ‘you’ before. 

The trends which continue to evolve and will also turn into heirlooms one day include color, celestial and floral motifs, enamel and every day, everywhere diamonds.

Sari has all of these trends and more and she also features the most intriguing up and coming designers. For this blog I am concentrating on pendants as they can change an outfit for different occasions quicker than any other category.

Here are my personal choices for what I would want to own and why:


Rainbow River Gemma Couture Necklace at Lux Couture in Newton, MA


 Gemma Couture Rainbow River Necklace: The simple stick style is elevated by the natural colored sapphires to a piece that is not only effortless and versatile to wear, but can brighten up a day.



Green enamel leaves gently frame a smattering of twinkling diamonds representing the delicate flowers of the Lily of the Valley. Small in size with softly rounded edges, this piece can be worn alone or layered with other medallions. Lily of the Valley is the birth month flower of May, representing sweetness, sincerity and happiness. Available at Lux Couture in Newton, MA

Gwen Barba Lily of the Valley Necklace in Yellow Gold: Gwen Barba is new to Sari’s selection of designers and what a find. She is a bench jeweler, does her own CAD work, and paints with vitreous glass enamel herself. This way every piece is produced to perfection. In the language of flowers Lily of The Valley means ‘return of happiness’ so this pendant won my heart. I also loved the placement of the diamonds and the feminine size which can be layered with other necklaces or worn alone.


 Celine Daoust Sun & Moon Necklace - Available at Lux Couture in Newton, MA. This stunning 14k yellow gold necklace features a crescent moon filled with pave diamonds and a brilliant sapphire star burst - a gorgeous pendant full of glittering stones.  The moon and sun are powerful symbols; together, they balance the forces of life.

Celine Daoust Sun & Moon Necklace is another necklace with symbolism which appeals to me on every level. Their workmanship is also precise and their interpretation of a motif that has been around throughout history is distinctive their unique aesthetic. Both the crescent moon and star are symbols of empowerment, direction and guidance and they also can mean “I love you to the moon and stars and back.” Whatever meaning you prefer you can’t go wrong with this special 14K gold pendant.

 The Perfect everyday staple. The Mini Penelope Necklace can be easily worn as a stand alone piece or as a delicate bookend to an edgier neck stack. Handcrafted in 18-Karat white gold and featuring a row of 5 graduating round, brilliant-cut diamonds, the Mini Penelope Necklace is the perfect starter piece to start building your collection.


Jade Trau Mini Penelope Necklace is a lovely size for a diamond necklace in 18K white gold to wear on its own or graduated with other diamond necklaces of different lengths and cuts for a more classic look. Or,  for an edgier look, I would sandwich this between textural yellow gold chains that I might already have in my jewelry collection or the one from Dana Rebecca that Sari stock at the store.


 Joanna Dahdah Diamond Hook Necklace - available at Lux Couture in Newton, MA. This gorgeous 18k yellow gold hook necklace features a stunning pendant of white diamonds.


Joanna Dahdah Diamond Hook Necklace is the absolute perfect necklace for hanging charms off the diamond clasp which she designed to wear in the front for just that reason. And I love that I can switch up my themes of charms as much as I want, as the hook clasp allows for interchangeability. 


Joanna Dahdah Mini Mila Heart Diamond Necklace in White Gold. he signature “Mila Heart” strung along a delicate 18k white gold chain, embellished with a diamond stud. Can be worn alone or stacked with other pieces.Another favorite style from Joanna Dahdah of mine is the 18K Mila heart shaped pendant which was designed to celebrate the birth of Joanna’s daughter Mila, who was born on Valentine’s day. The dynamic lines of colored enamel and diamonds translate the eternal love of a mother for her children.” These hearts are customizable which is just the type of jewelry that makes my own heart skip a beat. You can choose your favorite gold, enamel and gemstone colors.

Each designer features their own sensibility but they all seem to work together for a woman (like me) who wants an individualistic and imaginative modern designer collection. All of the designers Sari has chosen are authentic original talents with strong points of view yet their piece also allow me to ascribe my own personality and lifestyle.

Watch for new pieces coming in from these jewelry designers and more….

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